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Key Issues and Positions in Battle for Sanskrit and Sanskriti

We have identified the following key issues that serve as the center of debate on Battle for Sanskriti. This is an evolving list.

Debates on rajiv Malhotra's Book "The Battle for Sanskrit"

Rajiv Malhotra's book "The Battle for Sanskrit" is serves the primary knowledge source in current battle for Sanskrit and Sanskriti. It sets up the debate whether:

Sanskrit is sacred or Political?
Oppressive or Liberating?
Dead or Alive?

Problem with Sheldon Pollock's Scholarship He displays a negative attitude towards Indian Sanskriti through his work. He believes the study of shastras should be avoided by common man. The study of shastras is to be carried out by scholars like him for the purpose of uncovering the social oppression built into them. Ramayana is a project for propagating Vedic social oppression.
Examples of Mistranslations by Western Indologists Collection of mistranslations identified by various intellectuals
Sanskrit and Nazi Holocaust Sanskrit is responsible for social oppression in India and export of it was an important cause European Orientalism and Nazism
Scholarship versus Geo-Politics Western Indologists study Sanskrit and Indian Sanskriti to specific international political agenda. So what really qualifies as scholarship? Who really is a scholar?
Our Sanskriti, Our Adhikaar (Example of Petition on Murty Library) While Murty Classical Library of India (MCLI) is privately funded, how Dharmic practitioners can keep keep Adhikaar on their own Sanskriti? E.g. Campaign experience of online petition by Dharmic scholars to remove Pollock as the chief editor of the initiative.