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Enemies outside or enemies within – who is more dangerous?

Enemies outside or enemies within

Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi is in the news for the wrong reasons, yet again.

The university named after the man who, what history teaches us, was a freedom fighter who dreamed of a prosperous India and happened to be the first PM of independent India, today epitomizes the institution where curating and execution of “anti-national activities” are taking place.

The corridors of the university named after the man who gave the slogan of “Poorna Swaraj”, today echoes “Bharat ki Barbadi tak, Jung Jaari hai”.

The university named after the man who announced the vision of independent India from the temple of Indian democracy, today echoes praises for the “terrorist” who masterminded the attack on that very temple, “Kitne Afzal maaroge, harghar se Afzal nikelga”.

If such slogans and protests are carried out by the enemies of the nation, outside the national boundaries, things are understandable. They are enemies after all. But when the people who do such activities, call themselves Indian students, carry Indian passports, whose studies are subsidized by Indian taxpayers’ hard earned money, that’s when true Indian blood boils with anger, with the desire to teach such people a lesson. A lesson which will break down their morale and support into pieces and which will pass a clear message that those who will question or attack our national integrity won’t be spared. That’s what happened. Delhi Police cracked down and made arrests within moments. But wait!

The count of “enemies within” is not limited to JNU. They have presence in the Parliament and Secretariats. Moments after arrest the leftists Sitaram Yechury and D.Raja from CPI(M), the secularist Rahul Gandhi from Congress and the opportunist Arvind Kejriwal from AAP were quick to lend their support to these anti-national folks through a series of tweets and meetings with HM.

The morale, the support which Delhi Police intended to break was further strengthened than ever. The VIPs of the country, the policy makers, fighting for the anti-nationals who want to see India get destroyed.  What could be worse than this for a true Indian patriotic heart.

Enemies outside national boundaries are well taken care of by our defence forces but what about the “enemies within” the boundaries?

These “enemies within” who breathe in India, eat in India and live in India strengthen the resolve of the “enemies outside” who wants to see India get destroyed (which they never will).

The need of the hour is to identify these “enemies within” and eliminate them from the system.

That will be the true tribute to martyrdom of thousands of brave soldiers and policemen who laid their lives down while protecting the integrity of the nation, of our Motherland.

To reply to the slogan “Kitne Afzal maaroge, harghar se Afzal Niklega”, as a true Indian patriot I will just say “Sau Afzal ho ya ho Kasab hazaar, sabka yehi hashr hoga raho tayyar” 

Author: Ayush Goyal 

Published: Feb 15, 2016

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