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What the Kashmir issue is all about, in one picture

kashmir issue is

Kashmir is burning….Kashmir is protesting….Kashmir is on the boil….Kashmir erupts….Kashmir this, Kashmir that.

One wonders – after all, what do these Kashmiris want?  They already have more than any other state in Bharat.  They receive more subsidies per capita than anyone, they have hardly any poverty, they have more political autonomy than many countries (let alone states of Bharatiya union), they have rights other Bharatiyas don’t (such as – no non-Kashmiris can buy land in Kashmir, but Kashmiris are free to buy land anywhere in Bharat).

So what do they want?  Why are they always protesting? Why are they always attacking all institutions of the Bharatiya state?

In one picture, the reader can get the answer.  It is said that a picture speaks louder than a thousand words, and I do believe this picture indeed speaks louder than the pontifications of many of our “pundits.”

In other words, it is not Kashmiriyat, not Jamhooriyat (democracy), but Islamiyat that Kashmir craves. They want to make a caliphate in Kashmir, just like ISIS did in Syria, or the Taliban did in Afghanistan at one point. That’s pretty much what this is all about.

Now you know WHAT our military is fighting against daily. It is just the Kashmiri version of ISIS/Taliban. The idea is the same – to have a dar-ul-Islam.  Mind you, dar-ul-Islam does not mean “muslim majority area.” Kashmir is ALREADY almost entire muslim.  Syria was also almost entire muslim.  No, dar-ul-Islam means a caliphate, governed by sharia law, where non-muslims may be tolerated as third class citizens for some time, before they are coerced to convert. Where women are forced to be veiled.  Where all traces of non-Islamic culture (temples, music, sculptures etc.) are destroyed.  Where international laws are cast away as “man-made” in favor of “Allah’s law” (namely, the sharia). Where thieves have their hands cut off.  Where adulterers are stoned to death.

That is what Kashmiris want.

Sorry, but we can’t let them have it. Simple as that. They can protest all they want, but they will never get their dar-ul-Islam in the land of Rishi Kashyap.  Never, ever.  That is a promise.

Author: Vinay kumar

Published: Aug 09, 2017 (First published on

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