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5 Questions for Bollywood

5 questions for Bollywood

Dear Bollywood-ers,

After a series of rapes in the country, many people have accused the contents of your movies as one of the main causes of rapes. These allegations are vehemently denied by many of you including Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor etc. Not surprisingly, because you guys have lot of money, because you are popular, your argument is heard more prominently in the media. Based on this, I have some questions for you:

1) Ekta Kapoor recently said - If you men see an item number and get excited, is it the girl’s problem?

My question is what is the purpose of item number in a movie? Is it not to excite people? If a smoker gets lung cancer, do you say that it’s the smoker’s body’s fault because not all smokers get cancer? With almost no role in the story of a movie, isn’t an item number a cheap way to publicize a movie?

2) Few weeks back, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar mentioned that movies glamorize violence and that’s one of the reasons for increase in violence in the society. Independent of that, Kiran Bedi mentioned recently that role of movies in the increasing cases of rapes should be properly studied. On any day, I would go with the argument of these people than a bollywooder. If not anything else, they are outsiders and are more likely to give an unbiased comment, isn’t it?

3) You may not show rapes directly in movies but you do try to instigate sexual feelings. It’s simple way to popularize movies, isn’t it? You don’t have to be creative or artistic - sex simply sells. Not only sex, anything that gives instant gratification sells well in the masses. It’s mainly the duty of the policy makers, those who are in a position to guide public opinion (political leadership, media), to see what is good in the long run for an individual and the society in general. That’s why, in every part of the world, there is some law enforced restriction on the production & distribution of alcohol, porn, tobacco, drugs. If we simply go by your argument that you show what people demand, a drugs smuggler can say that he is not forcing anyone to buy his drugs, he is selling because people are buying. Should the world remove restrictions on distribution of all types of drugs?

4) Another favorite quote of the bollywooders is that Indians are sex starved. If sexual drive could be measured on a scale, its value is not biologically constant in a man. Depending upon the environment, it can vary within a wide range. Item numbers, showing women only to have an affair with a man (with as little clothes as possible), commoditizing women – can you deny that they increase the sexual drive of men?

5) Show some bare skin, show some scenes from Europe, show some flashy cars – a combination of these in different quantities are different bollywood movie. If a movie is different, it’s a copy of some Hollywood movie. Is there any doubt that you guys are highly uncreative and find cheap ways to make money? No, you cannot say that you make hundreds of crores, millions of people watch your movies, so you make what people want. A couple of decades back, it used to take about 2 years to get a telephone connection. So even though there was demand for telephones and the telephone company used to make money on each connection, we didn’t have a ‘system’ that could provide a telephone to all those who wanted. Similarly, your system is so spoiled that only such things come out of it and somehow they sell, mainly because people don’t have a choice and over the years, you have spoiled people’s choices also (just like a drug peddler makes people addict of wrong chemicals).

Author: Arun Kumar

Published: May 02, 2013

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