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Why Devdutt Pattanaik’s Hermit Simile is Wrong

Why Devdutt Pattanaik hermit simile is wrong

In a recent column in, Devdutt Pattanaik has raised three important points - Celibacy, Non-violence and Purity in his article – How celibacy nonviolence and purity work to establish patriarchy in India. The column is rather shallow and Devdutt seems to have either exhibited sheer ignorance based opinions or one that is motivated by mischief. The response will be mainly from a Hindu POV, though he has bundled Buddhism and Jainism.

The author is one of the famous “Wendy's Child” and has desperately applied a Freudian and western prism of today and anachronistically applied to several millennia. This by itself is a huge fatal flaw in this opinionated article. The author is either trying to get cheap popularity points to his base or trying to please his masters as how good Sepoy he is.


About the revival of Sanskrit

About the revival of Sanskrit

Did you know that Western philosophy and culture trace its sources to ancient Greece… which in turn was greatly influenced by Hinduism? Famous Indianist Jean Herbert reminds us that “many many centuries before us, India had devised most of the philosophical systems which Europe experienced with later.


Rebuttal To Mihir S Sharma

 Rebuttal to Mihir S Sharma

The original article of Mihir S Sharma is titled “The Rajiv Malhotra issue is a cautionary tale for publishers”. Mihir’s original is in bold followed by my rebuttal.

Rajiv Malhotra, who writes angrily from New Jersey about American attempts to monopolise the conversation about India and Hinduism, is in trouble. True to form – he is, after all, more loudly Indian than anybody else, especially anybody else not in New Jersey – the trouble he is in is that quintessentially desi problem, plagiarism.


Andrew Nicholson On Hinduism: Rhetoric Of ‘Good Cop/Bad Cop’

Andrew Nicholson on Hinduism

Unifying Hinduism: Philosophy and Identity in Indian Intellectual History (2010), American Indologist Andrew Nicholson collects evidence in order to argue that there was no single understanding of what it meant to be a Hindu in medieval India. Hindu unity was not a structure created in the late medieval period that has existed unchanged from that point to the present day. Nicholson discusses two key Hinduism-related terms that figure frequently in any Western scholarly discussion of Hinduism in modern times: Neo-Hinduism and Hindutva.


Rajiv's Kurukshetra

Rajiv Kurukshetra

In our day-to-day activities, going to work, watching TV, spending time with family etc. we tend to forget that someone out there, at our nation's border, lives a life on a thin edge to protect us from invading nations. Similarly there are quite a few men, with nerves of steel, who are out there to protect our Hinduism, possibly most of them are unknown to us.


Statement by Professor Alok Kumar, Department of Physics, State University of New York, Oswego

Statement by Professor Alok Kumar Department of Physics

To Whom It May Concern

I received an e-mail in middle of July, 2015 from a fellow historian of science, asking me to take an urgent action to assist Rajiv Malhotra. I had little interaction with Rajiv for several years and was clueless about the issues he was facing. I had no idea that an organized and concerted effort to stop his upcoming book from publication was going on. And, Rajiv is also accused by an author of plagiarism although this person’s work was cited 30 times following proper academic norms in his book, Indra’s Net. I was dismayed since the Rajiv Malhotra I know would not commit such errors.


Richard the Troll

Richard the Troll

Richard Fox Young has written an article titled “Time for a “Diagnostic Test” on Rajiv Malhotra’s Books” essentially repeating the same old points in all the previous articles. The arrogance is revealed in the very title of his article positioning himself as a doctor meant to diagnose a disease. This attitude will become more evident as we shall see.