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Rajiv's Kurukshetra

Rajiv Kurukshetra

In our day-to-day activities, going to work, watching TV, spending time with family etc. we tend to forget that someone out there, at our nation's border, lives a life on a thin edge to protect us from invading nations. Similarly there are quite a few men, with nerves of steel, who are out there to protect our Hinduism, possibly most of them are unknown to us.

Protect from whom? You may ask. Like most human beings who wear a mask outside in the society to conceal their inner image, many organized religions wear the mask of world peace and service to humanity etc. to encroach upon people from other religions to build their respective numbers - for reasons best known to them. 

Hinduism and economically backward Hindus are fertile territory for them. Although poor, most Hindus still prefer to stick to their religion, in spite of being lured with money and other amenities. This has forced the others to change their tactic by disguising themselves as Hindu priests, scholars and even building religious structures similar to Hindu temples. While common people are gratified seeing foreigners professing Hindu philosophy and speaking Sanskrit, one man found figured that there was indeed something black in the lentils.

That man is Rajiv Malhotra ( An Indian American Scholar who took an early retirement to dedicate himself to the cause of fighting for Hinduism.

While there are many such literary warriors, what is spectacular about Rajiv is he had done so much of research and documented all the evidence of how, the organized religions have stooped so low, that they can be called poachers. Such deep has his research work gone that he has identified that Hinduism is now divided in to two camps - one that is proud of Hindu culture and the other that looks down upon the Hindu culture as toxic. And do note that both camps have a mix of both Indians and foreigners. Camps are segregated by their view of Hinduism and not by the colour of skin, hair or eyes.

As is obvious, when someone tried to do something good, others take up arms against it. The same has happened with Rajiv. The opponents from the other camp have united and are using power and money bankrolled through Church and even some Indian industrialists to stop his work. They know that they are in no way capable to debate and that even law cannot help them as Rajiv has strong artifacts to support his claims. In their desperation to stop him they have cobbled up something with their dimwit imagination. This time they have accused him of plagiarism (in spite of Rajiv ensuring that works of others have been given proper credit)! This is just the beginning and their tantrums are going to continue.

The Kurukshetra is now online. The battlefield is set and the enemies have united. What you can do as a Hindu is to support Rajiv by donating to his Infinity Foundation ( 

By: Practical Hinduism

Published: July 26, 2015

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