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Arise Again O Ancient India

 Arise Again O Ancient India

Once again, a country, Italy, shows how little respect it has for India, this time by refusing to honor its word to send back the accused marines. Is it not then time to say: “Arise O India, be proud once more of Thyself”.

This should be India’s motto for the Third Millennium, after five centuries of self-denial. For, in spite of its poverty, in spite of the false Aryan invasion, in spite of the Muslim holocaust, in spite of European colonialism, in spite of Macaulay’s children, in spite of the Partition, in spite of the Chinese threat, in spite of the westernised framework, India still has got tremendous potential. Everything is there, ready to be manifested again, ready to mould India in a new modern nation, a super power of the 21st century.

Of course, India has to succeed its industrialisation, it has to liberalise, because unless you can compete economically with the West, no nation can become a super power. India has also to solve its political problems, settle its separatist troubles, get rid of corruption and bureaucracy. And lastly, it has to apply quickly its mind and genius to its ecological problems, because the environment in India is in a very bad way, near the point of no-return. Thus, if India can succeed into its industrialisation and liberalisation, become a force to be reckoned militarily, economically and socially, then the wonder that IS India could again manifest itself.


The Myth Of The Aryan Invasion Of India

The Myth of the Aryan Invasion

One of the main ideas used to interpret and generally devalue the ancient history of India is the theory of the Aryan invasion. According to this account, India was invaded and conquered by nomadic light-skinned Indo-European tribes from Central Asia around 1500-100 BC, who overthrew an earlier and more advanced dark-skinned Dravidian civilization from which they took most of what later became Hindu culture. This so-called pre-Aryan civilization is said to be evidenced by the large urban ruins of what has been called the "Indus valley culture" (as most of its initial sites were on the Indus river). The war between the powers of light and darkness, a prevalent idea in ancient Aryan Vedic scriptures, was thus interpreted to refer to this war between light and dark skinned peoples. The Aryan invasion theory thus turned the "Vedas", the original scriptures of ancient India and the Indo-Aryans, into little more than primitive poems of uncivilized plunderers.

This idea totally foreign to the history of India, whether north or south has become almost an unquestioned truth in the interpretation of ancient history Today, after nearly all the reasons for its supposed validity have been refuted, even major Western scholars are at last beginning to call it in question.


Guess Who Actually Oppresses Christians In India?

 Guess Who actually Oppresses Christians in India

At this time of one of the biggest festivals of their mythology, the death and resurrection of their founder-deity, I wish all Christians a happy Easter Sunday. A time of new beginnings, the arrival of Spring, and a Jesus rising from the dead is a metaphor for the revivification of the earth and the beginning of a new cycle. In Kerala, the extraordinary spun gold blooms of the Indian laburnum, kani konna,gladden the heart as we await the Spring festival of Vishu on April 15th.

This year, of course, we have heard a great deal about how Christians are oppressed in India. Famous people including an admired chief of police and a former chief of naval staff have said that they feel uncomfortable in India because of their Christian faith. There was also the case of a 71-year-old nun in West Bengal, who was allegedly raped by some young men (although she has since mysteriously disappeared). There is a meme that implies that the new dispensation at the center, with the Narendra Modi administration, is deliberately hounding Christians.

I admit that there is in fact a lot of oppression of Christians in India, except it’s not coming from the PM or Hindus, but rather from certain Christians themselves,


इस्‍लामी कटरता व आतंकवाद का आखिरी निशाना हिंदुस्‍तान ही है!

इसलम कटरत व आतकवद क आखर नशन हदसतन ह ह

नाइजीरिया के खूंखार इस्‍लामी आतंकवादी संगठन बोको हराम ने खतरनाक इस्‍लामी आतंकी संगठन इस्लामिक स्टेट (IS) से हाथ मिला लिया है। बोको हराम ने इस्लामिक स्टेट समूह के प्रति अपनी औपचारिक निष्ठा जाहिर की है। कुरान को ठीक से पढिए, आपको समझ में आ जाएगा कि इस्‍लाम का एक मात्र और आखिरी उदेश्‍य विश्‍व का इस्‍लामीकरण करना ही है और यह सब उसी की कोशिश है। सेक्‍यूलरिज्‍म का बुर्का उतारिए और हालात को समझते हुए अपने आप को मजबूत कीजिए, अन्‍यथा आपके बच्‍चे या उनके बच्‍चे अर्थात आपकी अगली पीढ़ी भी नरसंहार का शिकार या फिर अपनी पहचान, अपना धर्म छोडने को बाध्‍य होगी।

इस्‍लाम के नाम पर इस दुनिया ने जितनी तबाही झेली है, उतना किसी अन्‍य चीज के नाम पर न हुई है न आगे कभी होगी। इस्‍लाम का जन्‍म अरब में 600 ईस्‍वी के बाद हुई। उससे पहले के दुनिया को उठाकर देख लीजिए और उसके बाद के दुनिया को उठाकर देख लीजिए, आपको पता चल जाएगा कि तबाही का मंजर इस संसार ने कब से झेलना शुरू किया है। फारस, बेबिलोन जैसे समृद्ध सभ्‍यता और संस्‍कृति को इस्‍लाम के अनुयायियों ने देखते ही देखते धवस्‍त कर दिया। आज इस्‍लाम के एक और अनुयायी IS ने बुलडोजर चलवा कर प्राचीन शहर नीमरूद को नेस्‍तनाबूत कर दिया।


Why China Is Ahead Of India ?

Why China is ahead of India

It is the flavour of our times to compare India with China virtually on everything. Surely, it carries a romantic exaggeration of ourselves; a sense of having arrived at the international scene.

More importantly, it allows us to benchmark -- at least on the Asian stage -- against an ancient civilisation, a large country and with a modern state facing typical problems. To that extent India and China are comparable.

While one set of our intellectuals seeks to compare India with China, another seeks to assume that we have grown sufficiently in size and strength to become China's partner. India's Minister of State for Commerce Jairam Ramesh, one our most respected intellectuals, does not believe in competition between these two countries. Rather he moves one step ahead and suggests cooperation, especially on trade and commerce, and is credited with having coined the term 'Chindia' -- a theme that seems to have captured the fancy of many across the world.

For long I had oscillated between these two schools of thought -- of cooperating or competing with China. Then last year I had the good fortune of visiting China.


Hindus Are On The Hit List

Hindus are on the hit list

A senior Delhi Police official told me a recently – ‘What you are seeing is only a tip of the iceberg. None of us can really fathom the money and resources put behind this so called attack propaganda. All I will say is that something very ugly is taking shape and Modi has an uphill task as many vested interests feel threatened with India seeming to be growing stronger under his leadership’. 

Here is a Christian, Robert Rosario, who will never get invited to fear mongering TV debates that are part of the concerted church agenda to create communal discord and target Hindus. Yes Hindus are on the Hit List.

This is what Robert has to say ‘How much Indian is the church in India? This is a serious question that needs to be asked given the turn of events unfolding every day. The cry of victimhood on one hand, and on the other the bishop claiming that ‘we are Indians’ and the Government of India should ensure our safety. This gives an impression that true Indian Christians are being targeted systematically, which is not a fact.


Time to Hold India’s Media Legally Accountable

time to hold
This is an excerpt from one of my books titled, ‘Orissa in the Crossfire – Kandhamal Burning.’ This is the same book that the Indian Parliamentarian and Congress Party leader Digvijaya Singhdemanded be banned for allegedly being a cause of community strife. However that be, the fact that there is a direct correlation between violent mayhem and the media’s actions has been established repeatedly. I therefore call for India’s media to be held accountable for its many crimes against society. This can be done by using the Indian court system based upon the precedent of setting convictions conducted by the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal’s Rwandan Media Trial.

The trial was known as the Rwandan Media Case. These precedent-setting convictions have established the standard regarding those that abuse the power of the media and disturb and disrupt civil society. India’s mainstream media has long been at the forefront of sowing seeds of mayhem and chaos across the nation. Rather than my writings, it is the Indian media which is blatantly setting Indian society against itself. Thus such publications and journalists must be held accountable and convicted for their crimes.