An Interview with Robert Rosario: A Campaigner against Religion as Mafia

Born in a Catholic Christian family of Mangalore, Robert Rosario was instructed from early childhood in the Christian dogma and earnestly believed in it until his youth. But as he observed the workings of the church more closely and examined the Christian doctrine objectively, he found that there was no relationship between religion and morality. The ‘only true path to God’ claims were but a contrivance to keep political power concentrated with the clergy and control the laity, a design that was and continues to be achieved by the most nefarious means. Since then, Robert Rosario has campaigned indefatigably to create awareness among the community and in the country at large about the dubious activities and machinations of the Christian church and their nexus with evangelists.

He also went on to emphatically expose how the church acts as a subversive institution by fanning elaborate propaganda of persecution at strategic points, by spreading false stories and creating a fear psychosis in the minds of the Christian community, deliberately fanning unrest and ferment against the Indian establishment, especially the role of the Mangalorean Church in this. He has also worked towards bringing out in the open one of the church’s most hideous faces, its historical role in the horrifically cruel persecution and genocide of native Indians, the fact that Indian Christians today are the progeny of the victims of this flagitious oppression of a people and awakening in them a sense of connect with their true identity, tied to the land and civilization of their ancestors.

 Needless to say, Rosario has been threatened and targetted by the powerful lobbies who had stakes in this game of controlling the Christian community. On Friday last, a video by him (The Truth About Church Attacks In India) previously published in 2015, in which he speaks on how the ‘church attacks’ outrage was manufactured by a collaboration of the church, some political parties and the media, came under attack as one Deepak D’Souza filed an FIR against him at Kadri police station, Mangalore, accusing him of ‘inciting religious hatred’.

Swapnil Hasabnis interviewed Mr Rosario on behalf of Jagrit Bharat to understand from him the facts and circumstances of this case, which is reproduced here for our readers.

Mr Rosario, at the outset, my heartfelt thanks to you for taking time out for this interview.

An FIR was recently filed against you by Mr Deepak D’Souza of Attavar in Mangalore, for “spreading hatred”. Can you explain in brief the particulars of this matter and why you think you are being targetted?

It appears to be an election gimmick to save face, by the Congress in response to my video countering their propaganda of spreading fear among common Christians attributing the so called church attacks to BJP, thus attempting to polarize voters. In the video I had explained how the church + Congress combine orchestrated the so called church attacks to destabilize the BJP led state government. I am sure police investigation will expose the malicious intent behind the complaint. The massive publicity given to the said complaint is also a part of the face saving strategy as the people enlightened by my video saw through the machinations of Congress and church combine. There is no merit nor any substance in the complaint.

We have gone through your social media profiles. You have been trolled by some members of the Catholic community accusing you of being a “BJP Agent”. What do you have to say about this?

See, most of the people doing so are apparently Congress workers who got frustrated by my revealing the truth. I have only spoken the truth. Whether it gives advantage to BJP or another entity is not my concern. Only thing is, the Congress should not be allowed to face election on the strength of propaganda and fear psychosis. Let them face the electorate through their positive work (if any!) I am not a member of BJP. I am an independent political and social activist. I owe allegiance only to the truth as I know it and justice.

How would you in brief describe your background, your journey, your mission and accomplishments? At what point do feel you started to objectively regard the Christians as a community rather than hold the view of a member within a group?

I have basically been oriented towards social issues from a very young age. It is almost 30 years now since I am in this activism for social causes. Meanwhile, being a member of Catholic Christian community I was also involved in the activities of the community in various capacities. Right from the altar boys till the diocesan pastoral council, I have served the community being its member and also as office bearer. So I am in know of the complete inside-out story of how the church hierarchy functions. During the course of my involvement with the church, I came across a lot of swindling and financial scandals by the padres who hold positions (‘shepherd’) and treat laity (common Christians) as ‘sheep’. The scale of loot is so huge that they suck out every resource of the community leaving the laity poor and needy. At this point, I started opposing the injustice and continue to do so. Over the years I have been quite successful in bringing about awareness and standing up for one’s right. Initially, I was all alone and opposed by all quarters. Even those who saw reason in what I do or say, did not stand by me due to the fear of the cergy. I single-handedly managed to fight the mighty Goliaths and reached this stage where almost everyone from the laity recognizes my efforts and many also come out openly in support which they were reluctant to do few years back. To that extent, it is a success story though there is lot to achieve yet. But the fear of the Clergy has diminished to a great extent. This is the single most important achievement to my mind.

Previously, you had demonstrated with examples how and why the Church organizes protests citing “Atrocities against Christians” in the country, whenever there is a non-Congress Government at the Centre or any of the States. Don’t you fear for your well-being and that of your family, as you are standing up to such a powerful institution? 

There is a thing with courage born of conviction which strengthens the person from within to stand up to the biggest challenge for what they believe. Similar is the case with me. So in this journey of mine, I never bothered thinking too much about my safety or well being. Yes, I am standing up against the most powerful organization in the world. Yet my conviction has given me the strength and in this process the powerful persons in the organization have also realized that it is not easy to intimidate me.

How tough is it to be Robert Rosario and voice opinions on such sensitive issues in Catholic Community?

Oh, it is really tough! But I think I had that extra strength which a normal person does not have. Otherwise, when the entire community is on one side and I am all alone on the opposite side, it is not an easy situation. But I knew those seen standing with the establishment were not there because of conviction but by fear. This gave me the hope that I can turn the situation to my advantage if I continue the battle without fear. And that is exactly what happened!

Our readers would love to know about the various organisations you are attached to and the work carried out by them.

Earlier I held many positions in the church bodies controlled by the clergy. But of late I have maintained a distance from them. Particularly since 2009, I have quit all those posts because it is futile trying to make them understand. Now my job is to unite and educate people outside the church compound without the control of the clergy.

Accordingly we had formed an organization by name ICSA (Indian Christian Service Association) in the year 2001. Presently I am its president. I am also member in some other social bodies working for public causes and also for bringing about political awareness. I have also worked in other social bodies irrespective of caste, creed or religion.  

What is your take on ‘secularism’?

The word secularism is used, misused and abused extensively in India for political manipulations. The day they learn the real meaning of secularism they will run away hearing this word. So we need to start a campaign to tell the background which led to the concept of secularism being propounded. The church in the west interfered so much in political affairs through its instrument called inquisition that even the kings got fed up apart from common people. The torture of the church was so horrendous that people had to resort to agitation to counter it. Thus they coined the word “secular state”. That means church is kept away from the political affairs and positions of power. In India this concept is meaningless! However politicians have imported and propagate this idea to suit their convenience.

What do you have to say about conversion by Christian missionaries?

Conversion by the Church is as much or more damaging to common Christians than the Hindus. For Hindus, there is the fear that they will change the demography by swelling their numbers through religious conversions. But the problem of laity (common Christians) is that their resources are being swindled away for proselytisation. And the laity are deprived of their own resources. Thus the needy do not get benefit from the community in spite of huge resources being concentrated with the church.

What do you have to say about the complaint of persecution by the church authority?

It is a well thought out propaganda by the Church to corner the nationalist. I have an open challenge for those who make this complaint. Show me a single incident of persecution of Christians by the Hindus throughout India.

Recently there were a lot of heated debates on social media regarding the Goa Inquisition. You have led a movement and started a petition to “send back Body of Xavier to Portugal or otherwise dispose of and this macabre exposition of the body be halted.” We would like your opinion on how you would like to see this campaign taken forward by all Indians irrespective of creed and why this movement is important for us a nation.

This is a most important issue. But there is very little awareness among the people. Most of the people are totally unaware of the holocaust of inquisition. Why it is important to know this is because we have a lot to learn from the history of such events which will guide us for the present and future. Irony is that the very same person who brought in the horrific inquisition, Saint Francis Xavier, is venerated today! What hurts more is the fact that the very same people who are descendants of the sufferers of inquisition are made to venerate him in the churches built in his name. But I always call him “criminal saint”. The bigger irony is that we Christians are made to believe that his body still remains without decay as a part of miracle. The truth is that it is not his body at all but of some Sri Lankan Buddhist monk preserved in lime and salt as per their customs! This is the biggest fraud played on us for collecting huge amounts of money.

As you have spoken against deification of Francis Xavier, likewise you have also spoken against the glorification of Tipu Sultan. But some people express the opinion that these medieval era issues need not be raised in year 2018. How will you respond to such views?

We have not raised this issue of Tippu sultan ourselves, but the state government of Karnataka led by Congress party with Mr Siddaramaiah as its CM started it by sprinkling salt on our wounds by honoring the biggest enemy of our ancestors known in history as ‘Kanara Christians’. Tippu sultan is our biggest enemy because he eliminated three quarters of our population and destroyed our churches. A quarter of thepopulation managed to survive because Tipu had an early demise at the hands of the British. Such a man being glorified by celebrating his birth anniversary with public money is something we could not tolerate.

source: India Today

Your twitter bio states that you are “consumer, social, political activist, Nationalist to the core, strong believer in native languages and culture. Campaigner against English medium”. In the light of the propaganda of “Hindi Imposition” by Dravidian parties of South India, why do you think is it essential to campaign against English medium for protecting native Indian Languages?

Campaign against English medium is not only for protecting the native languages alone but to protect this country from degeneration! English is the root cause of our backwardness in every sense. Unless we provide education up to the highest level (engineering, medicine, MBA, etc) in our own native languages, we cannot prosper. Our talents are not explored to the fullest capacity due to English medium. It is very necessary to understand this fact. More of the data on this can be viewed at by Sankrant Sanu.

To conclude, in the light of the recent controversy, what is your message to the Christian and Hindu communities, and other communities of India?

We are all one society, one people and one nation. There are attempts being made from across the border as well as forces within, to divide us on caste and religious lines. We must expose such divisive forces and educate our masses against their machinations. See, mine and those of all other Konkani speaking Christian’s ancestors were GSB (Goud Saraswath Brahmins). My family name is Kamath. Similarly we have Shenoy, Prabhu, Pai, Nayak, Bhat, etc. Family names among us clearly show that we came from that lineage. So Hindu GSB are closer and blood relations to me than white skinned Christians of the west. When we understand this fact there will be no room for conflicts.

Interviewed by: Swapnil Hasabnis

Published: May 20, 2018

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