Prakash Raj is a genius! (Satire)

The Indian populace has recently received an extremely amazing conversational tool discovered and presented by him, to the whole world, in a debate on Times Now.

This brilliant tool is the expression “Kuch Bhi.”

Do note that this expression is a full sentence in itself, and surpasses all syllogisms that have ever existed, and known to mankind.

It can stand on its own with nothing to back it up, other than a full stop, or an exclamation mark or a question mark. Because of this brilliant multi-faceted identity that is thus acquired by its very existence, and its ability to shake hands with any punctuation mark, it does find itself embraced by and for a fascinating variety of conversations.

It can be expressed in soft, hushed tones, as a humble murmur. Or it can be rendered in a deep sonorous voice with a “Hah” before or after, to give it greater heft and feel. It can be dished out as a drawl to show you’re on top, or delivered with glee to declare that the person facing you is stupid. It can be thrown back angrily, or let float in the air with nonchalance. You can make it sound like a laugh, a question, an answer.

It can, in fact, be used any time of the day, with anyone, whose words, context or content, you don’t understand. It can be used to cover up gaps of knowledge. Or information. Or it can be used to cover up gaps in logic too. It can come as a plug for a leaking mind running out of ideas and retorts. Or it can be used as a massive mountain for someone trying to make a valid point to cross.

It can, simply put, be used to stay relevant in any conversation, and in any foraa. The aim of a “kuch bhi” whatever expression it assumes, is to declare you as a man whose intelligence, capability and relevance cannot be questioned, and you may use it twice in two different tones, to cover up self-contradictions too.

For handing over this gift to us, we the humble, communal, great unwashed bhatks of India, laud and commend the man of the moment, Mr Prakash Raj. His brilliant presentation of the myriad styles of rendering “kuch bhi” has left us awestruck.

Someone do give him a doctorate, please?

Author: Sanjeev Sarma

Published: May 06, 2018

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