The Discrimination of the Church against Hindus in India – II

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“If one converts to Christianity he ceases to be an Indian. The brotherhood in Islam is confined to the Believers; that is, only to Muslims. It cannot promote universal brother-hood. I will not convert to either of these religions.” ~ Dr.B.R.Ambedkar

Whenever I have pondered on the influence that Christian educational institutions, which monopolise the education industry, can have on young minds and the role they play in destroying native cultures and traditions, I have strongly felt that Hindus and in fact, all right-thinking Indians have a lot of work on their hands to rescue India from mono-cultural ideologies.

There have been several incidents in my own life that have confirmed the extreme dislike of Christians for non-Christians and exposed the ugly side of missionary work, which usually passes off as social or humanitarian work. As a child, I went to a well-known convent school for 3 years in another city. The United Nations had announced one of its essay competitions for students in the newspapers. An announcement was made during school assembly and I very excitedly wrote an essay which I submitted to the Principal’s office as required.

Indoctrinating children into Christian superstitions by distributing ‘Baal Bible’

But my essay was rejected and returned to me, not once but 5 times, on one pretext or the other, by the Principal herself who never once read my essay. Finally, my parents had it sent by post to one of the addresses published in the newspaper. This would seem silly except for the fact that I was a very good student who got good grades, was known for my writing skills and had very good hand writing; yet my essay was not accepted but essays of other students who submitted from my class were accepted. This was actually a frequent occurrence and I was kept out of important school events even if I had the necessary talent. Only later we were able to make sense of what happened. My parents never patronized or donated to the events and fairs at the school which involved displaying & selling books related to Christianity, performance of dances & dramas based on Christian traditions and religion. The Principal had used intimidation to get us on track but we did not heed.

At the convent, we were not allowed to sport a bindi or wear bangles or anklets. I learnt there that Christmas was THE festival to celebrate and a church was the only place to ‘worship’ God. It was compulsory to donate clothes and accessories before Christmas for charity in Africa! When we returned to my hometown after a few years, it took a great deal of effort from my parents and teachers in my new school to get me to sport a bindi and to even visit a temple. By the time I went to college, I had realised how dangerously close I had been to giving up my identity.

The hatred among Christians for Hindus, “the demon worshippers”, has become so deeply embedded as a result of regular Sunday ‘mass’ brainwashing, that even ordinary social transactions between Christians and Hindus are painful.

When I was in college, my parents asked me to invite my friends for a pooja (ritual worship) at home. The first person I invited was my close friend, who was a devout Christian. But, her condition for attending the pooja was that she should be served food that was not offered to our Gods. I bid goodbye to our 4-year old friendship that very moment. But not before I informed her that Hindus offer food to the Gods every day so as to drive home the point that she had been eating only such food whenever she had visited my home previously.

Church leaders preach to Hindus about inclusiveness while Christianity is an exclusionist, expansionist religion that buys converts with rice bags and liquor, breaks families and uses fraudulent techniques such as miracle healing to reach its conversion targets.

Where is the spirituality in such a religion? Gandhi, the Eastern hero of the Western world, did not accept Christianity even though there were several attempts to convert him. He remained a devout Hindu till the end. Does that make him a lesser soul than the soul that accepted Christ on the promise of a rice bag and alcohol?


Tribals from various states of India hold placards during a protest against Christian missionaries in New Delhi

In the recent past, I employed two maids, who were part Christian and part Hindu! Both the maids have recounted how the Church has destroyed their lives. The male members are enticed with liquor, they said. Both the maids had lost a male relative to alcoholism. The female members are made dependent on the Church for financial help in their hour of crisis. They have a reporting structure inside the Church community and they are told whom to vote for in elections. Ironically, both the women are from different areas, which are both named ‘Ambedkar Colony’. Ironic, because Ambedkar had strongly rejected Abrahamic faiths.


(Source: RightLog.i

Just recently, there was news of the murder of a Dalit Christian (low caste Christian) from Kerala named Kevin. He was murdered for daring to marry an upper-caste Syrian Christian girl. The girl’s family is behind the “honour” killing. Of course, he was buried in a cemetery meant for Dalit Christians only.

Apologists and paid media agents of the Church mislead the people of the country when they say that missionary activities are very limited. Their argument is that the number of Christians in India is a measly 2.5% of the total population even after years of proselytisation. This is simply deception. Reservation in India is an affirmative social emancipation tool provided to communities who less privileged within the Hindu society. Many of these people have been converted by missionaries through inducements. If the converts accept Christianity officially, there is a possibility that they may lose the benefit of Hindu reservations in the future. Hence, they choose not to disclose their new identity thus showing conservative numbers for Christians; but the Church knows exactly how many they have converted, and the actual numbers are estimated to be much higher.

Previous governments kept India poor, illiterate and underdeveloped. With their missionary-friendly policies they also helped the Church to buy poor souls by providing it space for ‘humanitarian’ work!

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The Church has played the role of a destabiliser wherever a project that could economically uplift local communities, has been announced by the Indian government. The protests against the Kudankulam nuclear project, and the ongoing protests against Sterilite in Tamil Nadu are just two examples of the Church causing unrest and indulging in misinformation campaigns against development projects.

The Niyogi Committee, led by a former Chief Justice of the High Court, in its report presented to the Madhya Pradesh Government on April 18, 1956 on missionary activities in that state, after visiting 77 centres and more than 700 villages, and hearing more than 1,100 people, may be quoted in this context:

“Evangelisation in India appears to be part of a uniform world policy to revive Christendom, to re-establish Western supremacy and is not prompted by spiritual motives. The objective is to disrupt the solidarity of the non-Christian societies, with danger to the security of the State. Enormous sums of foreign money flow into the country, and it is out of such funds that the Lutherans and other proselytising agencies were able to secure nearly four thousand converts. Missions are in some places used to serve extra-religious ends. As conversion muddles the convert’s sense of solidarity with his society there is a danger of his loyalty to his country being undermined.”

“A vile propaganda against the religion of the majority is being systematically and deliberately carried out so as to create an apprehension of breach of public peace. There has been an appreciable increase in the American personnel of missionary organisations in India. This increase is obviously due to the deliberate policy of the International Missionary Council to (exploit) opportunities opened in newly independent countries by mass evangelism through the press radio and television.

The committee members in their indignation are obviously anticipating events, for India, so far, has no television whatsoever and it is rather doubtful whether aboriginal and remote tracts of Madhya Pradesh even have electricity, let alone cinemas and radios. The committee ends by recommending nineteen measures to save the tribes from missionary clutches and the State from missionary fifth columnism.”

Collusion between the Church and the previous governments ensured a profitable business model in terms of harvesting the most souls and the most votes respectively. With such a benevolent atmosphere provided by the government, the Church also became the largest land owner in India and has snatched away land that could have belonged to the oppressed and the marginalized that the Church claims to serve. And therein lies its hypocrisy.

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Author: Aparna Patwardhan

Published: July 05, 2018


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