Was The ‘Two Nation Theory’ Savarkar’s Original Thought?

For many who are uninitiated into Indian poltical history apart from cherry-picking anecdotes according to their convenience, blaming Veer Savarkar came as a natural consequence to absolving Jinnah residing at the other extreme end of the spectrum, for the crime of partition.

To even suggest that Savarkar was responsible for such a tragedy of mammoth proportion shows abject ignorance if not hypocrisy that probably only Mani Shankar Aiyar is capable of. Though I believe he at least is extracting some kind of monetary or political benefits for uttering such a colossal nonsense publicly.

Veer Savarkar to me and to those who have really read him instead of quoting him from online sites, will know and understand that the man had a keen understanding of facts which were analysed and inferred with practicality and reasonableness.

In his manifesto of “Hindurashtra”, course this should be dealt with after knowing whom he meant as “Hindus” before jumping to premature conclusions, he has clearly stated that he is against minority appeasement, but that doesn’t mean he had ever professed infringement upon the rights of minorities to practice their religion.

Since he has always advocated for equality of rights for all communities, I do not know how exactly did he ever ask for partition like Jinnah did who later in every conference or meeting was championing exclusively for Muslim rights.

Can we really hold Savarkar responsible for stating facts staring at our faces even today and label it as “islamophobia”!

Astute as he was and a man of honesty, he did not feel the need to sugarcoat reality watching the rising belligerence of Muslims, he simply warned the Hindus of the consequences of being naive of the agenda of proselytizing religions seeking to safeguard them in well laid out guidelines.

Just as we do not hold an abrahamic religion guilty of trying to promote or profess their faith through whatever peaceful means they choose, how is it an attempt at sowing hate in between communities if Savarkar tried to protect and warn Hindus of such campaigns?

Is to make people aware of intentions of the others wrong? Is understanding history and deciphering facts from it that which is not stated explicitly but implied and corroborated with facts that stood to scrutiny a crime?

Congress supported the pan-Islamic Khilafat movement against the British to reinstate the Turkish Sultan as a caliph in order to involve Indian Muslims in their struggle for indepedence, the only similarity in thoughts between Jinnah and Savarkar was to disagree to this wholeheartedly.

Both unanimously agreed that to mingle religion with politics especially in matters not concerning India was a foolhardy exercise which proved to be true.

A man of rare insight and understanding of society and politics with the ability to predict and prophecy things that we have watched happening for he understood human psyche so well to have him compared to an embittered , sulking and vengeful person that Jinnah turned out to be speaks volumes of one’s own intellectual bankruptcy.

Just because it’s often a necessity that we all suffer to justify one wrong with another and find a scapegoat to vent, let’s not make an absolute fool of ourselves in talking of things we neither know nor understand.

A man who concluded his work with words “when a Hindu comes to hold a position, when they can dictate terms to the whole world, those terms cannot be different from what Gita dictates and Buddha has laid down. A Hindu is most intensely so when he ceases to be a Hindu.”

It is unfortunate both his supporters who consider his manifesto as Gita and his detractors have no idea of the essence of these closing lines.

Author: Tanuka Banerjee

Published: May 09, 2018

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